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Customized LED RV light


Hipower provide custom made LED RV interior lighting products, such as dome light, awning light, porch light, reading light and so on.

In a relatively small space like a caravan, the safety of lamp is very important as it is all within reach. All the lamp is designed safe to touch, which operates at a low voltage and has only 12 or in some cases 24Volt electricity source.

Beside safety, in RV/Camping car, we also need to consider the light quality(efficacy, CCT and CRI). In different areas, color suggested to be different which will be perfect for human eyes, mood and sense.


Why Choose Hipower as your ODM partner?

Hipower ODM products has been designed with reliability, efficiency and affordability in mind and comes with about 10 years history of development.

We have professional LED lighting R&D team with experienced and high-standard independent ODM workshop.

Furthermore we have professional tooling factory(invested by Hipower) to guarantee the perfect process on housing.

If you are looking for your exclusive lighting with high quality backed up by a high level of support and real guarantee in the industry, Hipower will be the choice.

This allows you to know
HipowerLED and our product faster!





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