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Ultraviolet electromagnetic radiation, commonly known as UV, is currently applied in many industries and applications. Ultraviolet light occurs between visible and X-Rays spectrum. Normally UV wavelength is specified from 100nm to 400nm. It’s consist of UV-A, UV-B, UV-C, and Vacuum-UV.


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UV leds develop fast in the past ten years. This is not only the result of technological advances in the manufacturing of solid state UV devices, but the ever increasing demand for environmentally friendly methods of producing UV light which is currently dominated by mercury lamps.

As the market demand grow, more and more companies start UV business. The products in market is uneven in quality. Then having a reliable UV supplier becomes very important.

HipowerLED starts LED R&D and manufacturing since 2008, especially UV LED with a variety of package styles including SMD, DIP and High power. We provide cost-effective custom UV LED solutions specifically designed for your application requirements. An experienced supplier partner will be able to offer a host of options for the most cost-effective and targeted solution. UV LED samples.jpg


The most popular ultraviolet wavelength range HipowerLED produce is from 365nm-420nm.

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Why Choose Hipower as your ODM partner?

Hipower ODM products has been designed with reliability, efficiency and affordability in mind and comes with about 10 years history of development.

We have professional LED and LED lighting R&D team with experienced and high-standard independent LED packaging and assembly workshop.

If you are looking for your exclusive lighting with high quality backed up by a high level of support and real guarantee in the industry, Hipower will be the choice.

This allows you to know
HipowerLED and our product faster!





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