About us

The Business we are in
We are a value-added manufacturer and generally dealing with bespoke solutions.
Our future is based on value-added solutions. 
We believe in customizing and tailoring solutions that make you, your customers and us also unique in the market.
However, we also are highly committed to the commercial markets where the potential growth is still very high.

Target Market Summary
● Bespoke - any level from materials > PCBA > final product
● Project
● Commercial
● Outdoor
● Architectural

The Business we are NOT in
We are NOT in the business of making low-skilled products where little or no value can be added and where almost anyone with a small workshop can assemble such items. 
Because of the difficulties in assessing the quality of such products, the customer often finds it extremely difficult to understand why a high quality products costs more money and so of course, won’t pay it.
We can give examples of very cheap bulbs and spotlights, where the raw materials look good but where the chips and drivers might perform "on the day"  but doomed to fail soon after. 
Other mass market products will follow this example and so we are in middle to upper end our target markets.

We will never be the cheapest, we will always be the BEST VALUE FOR MONEY for any product we produce.

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