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LED PCBA consist of one or more single LEDs mounted on a rigid board (Printed circuit board) in various geometrical  arrangement.

Hipower offers LED PCBA in various shapes and sizes. Just give us basic parameter you want, we will design and finish the LED layout, circuit and electronics with the standard of certification and safety.

Different layout and PCBA workshop.  



Majority of the electrical power in the LED is dissipated as heat. Tighter LED spacing provides a less area for heat dissipation, resulting to higher junction temperature. The LEDs should be spaced as far apart as packaging and optical constraints will allow.


The LEDs are mounted on multi-layer FR4 or on metal core printed circuit board(MCPCB).To ensure optimal operation, the thermal resistance of PCB should be kept as low as possible.



Hipower design, develop, and manufacture LED PCBA. Contact us to have your own bespoke PCBA solution.

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