Our Service

The Beating Heart

The heart and brains of HiPowerLED is our Research and Development department.

We know that innovation and cutting edge developments led not only from within but also from you the customer, our most valuable resource it why we are here in our privileged position in the LED business world.

We merge our ideas with yours and this is what makes us successful.

We listen carefully.  We document.  We act - swiftly - to develop new innovative products.

We Like To Fail

With over 30% of our annual turnover invested into creating new innovative and exciting products, we are devoted to leading the chase for the best.  With a team of over 30 highly qualified laboratory engineers we explore, try, fail and fail again until we finally succeed at creating something that is different, new, exciting and what the market responds enthusiastically to.

We Learn

Our engineers travel the globe attending seminars to keep abreast of the latest development in lighting technologies.  We are members of the Shenzhen Illumination Society where we share ideas with other like-minded companies and we invest much time with our strategic business partners including suppliers and project customers.  We believe in the big brand names such as Cree and Bridgelux but don’t close our eyes to other emerging and exciting suppliers.  If it is reliable, then there are opportunities.  We keep an open mind – always.

We Test

After we develop what we believe to be different, we test exhaustively in our well-equipped labs under the harshest conditions that can be found anywhere on our planet from Siberia to Sahara and for the longest periods to make sure that when they arrive to your door and your customer’s door, they work well and for our guaranteed periods.

Research and development will always be the department in which we invest most heavily – our future depends upon it.

HiPowerLED – Let our quality protect your name.

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