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Quality Policy

At HiPowerLED, quality of product and service is of paramount importance.  If we don’t have highest quality standards then we have nothing.  Quality dominates our everyday lives.  We are obsessive regarding our rigorous standards and code of practice.


At HiPowerLED, everything we experience, say and do goes toward improving the customer experience.  The entire company is governed by our Quality Department.  Our Quality Department has real and absolute power and our Quality Manager has the total authority to take whatever measures necessary in any event that might breach our well-documented quality standards.


Everyone knows this and everyone respects this.  Our Quality Manager not only ensures that the ISO process runs well but also acts on all information that will make our company a better one, especially in the area of customer feedback.


We all jealously guard our image and reputation but in particular our Quality Manager and Marketing Manager are charged with the responsibility of developing plans, systems and performance indicators that evidence progress in our continuous improvement programs.


Having achieved ISO9001 in 2008, all our products are CE(EMC & LVD) and RoHS and many of our products have achieved UL and ETL certification now having entered the North American market.


LED products are environmentally friendly and we constantly strive to make HiPowerLED’s more efficient and eco-friendly using the very latest in emerging lighting technologies and innovations.


Standard and Targets

We exceed all targets and every year we increase the standards but right now we deliver as follows:

1.       Monthly Inspection ≥98%

2.       Customer Complaints ≤0.5%

3.       Inspection compliancy – 100%

4.       Inspection Timeliness ≥98%

5.       Instrument Calibration – 100%


HiPowerLED – let our quality protect your reputation.

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