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Customized LED aquarium light

This kind of lamp is developed from grow light which is good for plant growth.


Depends on actual application environment, our color design should consider both the fish and other organism.

In the context of an artificial habitat such as an aquarium, light should be one of the most important considerations. Not only does it provide nutrients for optimum plant and coral growth, but it can also be used to make colors stand out and even to create a dramatic visual effect within the display.

By virtue of its long lifespan and various color and energy-saving properties, LED lighting is the best choice to support and improve the aquarium eco-system. 


Below are different LED colors and their varying effects on Aquariums:


8000K White: excellent for enhancing reds, oranges, greens and yellow colors in many fish, whilst promoting photosynthesis in plants in tanks.

18000K White: Excellent for enhancing all colors in fish, while providing shimmering effects, furthermore, it combines exceptionally with either 445 blue color or magenta color.

445nm Blue: Great for enhancing blue colors found in neon & cardinal tetras, and in many species of African and South American cichlids. It also has the effect of making “fluorescent” fish pop in color.

Magenta: Also referred to as the pink/purple spectrum, Magenta dramatically enhances greens, blues and red colors in fish and plants. This color functions particularly well with 8000K white.


Why choose Hipower as your ODM partner?

Hipower ODM products have been designed with reliability, efficiency and affordability in mind and came with about 10 years' history in development.
We have a professional LED lighting R&D team along with experienced LED packaging production lines and high-standard independent ODM workshop.    
The LED wavelengths we manufacture vary considerably from 360nm to 940nm. 
Furthermore we have professional tooling factory(invested in  by Hipower) to guarantee the perfect process on housing.  
If you are looking for exclusive, high quality lighting backed up by a high level of support and a real guarantee in the industry, Hipower ought to be your choice.


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