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Early research concerning the effects of different light spectra on plants(vegetables) has found that red and blue lights offer the best stimulation for photosynthesis, promoting plant growth, increasing fruitage, extending flowering time, and making the plant more colorful.


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This is how different colors affect plant growth in different ways:


UV: Long wavelength of UV on plant growth stimulation, promoting protein, sugar, synthetic acids; Short wavelength of UV on plant growth of plants, disinfection sterilization, can reduce plant disease.

Red Light: ( 630-660nm ) is essential for the growth of plants, and the expansion of leaves. Wavelengths in this region also regulate flowering, dormancy periods, and seed germination.

Blue light : ( 460-470nm ) needs to be carefully mixed with light in other spectra since overexposure to light in this wavelength may stunt the growth of certain plant species. Light in the blue range also affects the chlorophyll content present in the plant as well as leaf thickness.

Green light : (520-530nm ) penetrates through thick top canopies to support the leaves in the lower canopy.

IR: Far infrared thermal effects the supply of crop growth and development of heat, ripe fruit.



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