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LED High Bay - HL10 150W

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LCS1605120962S IK09 IEC 62262 report HL10 highbay-HipowerLED.pdf

LCS1604151246R 01 RoHS certificate HL10 highbay HipowerLED1.pdf

LCS1604151247R 01 RoHS certificate HL10 highbay HipowerLED2.pdf

302743 CB IEC 60598 certificate HL10 highbay-HipowerLED.pdf

EED32I000099 CE-EMC certificate HL10 highbay-HipowerLED.pdf

EED32I000099R1  CE certificate HL10 highbay-HipowerLED.pdf

302743 ENEC certificate HL10 highbay-HipowerLED.pdf

GZN180213-F FCC certificate HL10 highbay-HipowerLED update.pdf

LCS1601141026E PSE certificate HL10 highbay-HipowerLED1.pdf

LCS1601141027E PSE certificate HL10 highbay-HipowerLED2.pdf

LCS1601140933S PSE certificate HL10 highbay-HipowerLED1.pdf

LCS1601141934S PSE certificate HL10 highbay-HipowerLED2.pdf

SAA160519 SAA certificate HL10 highbay-HipowerLED2.pdf

UL Notice of Authorization E363359 HL10 highbay-HipowerLED.pdf

EN62471 Report HL10 Highbay-HipowerLED.pdf

IES LED Highbay Light 150W 3000K Clear cover 230V test without reflector.pdf

IES LED Highbay Light 150W 4000K clear cover 230V test without reflector.pdf

Integrated sphere LED Highbay Light 150W 4000K clear cover 230V test without reflector.pdf

This HL10 series highbay light is one of our most popular products. It helps customers win many potential projects with its excellent performance. 

If you are looking for a reliable highbay with a competitive price, then we strongly recommend you this series.

Application: workshop, factory, storage warehouse, exhibition center, gymnasium, stadium.


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